Malevolent Monkeys
Gender male
Hair color brown
Eye color brown
Eliminated TDU: The Freaky Four!
Place TDU: 4th
Relationship Katie ("crush"), Megan (one-sided, her side), Monae (one-sided, her side)
Friends Evan, Rosemary, Olivia, Albert
Enemies Wil, Jenna

Matthew, labeled the Mullet, is a character in Total Drama Ultimate, and a member of the Malevolent Monkeys.


Matthew is kind but socially awkward. He sings opera for fun and is very talented. He can play the Piano, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, and Baritione Horn. He is intelligent and good with computers but cannot work under stress well. He always takes his time in things but is occasionally quick to anger.

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