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Season 1, Episode 1
Challenge(s) Speedboat relay race
Reward(s) Luxury island cabin
Winner(s) Crazy Cassowaries
Eliminated Elise
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"TBA" is the first episode of Total Drama Ultimate.



CHRIS: After the Pahkitew Island “experiment,” our crew set out to do something drastic. Hold a season in the United States. So, we found a lowly, derelict, ramshackle summer camp. Unlike seasons one, four, five and six, this camp is in the middle of the forest where Chef and I can do even more than our worst.

CHRIS laughs.

CHRIS: We have twenty new contestants, who are a group of friends and some other people they know who we randomly found on the internet! This should be interesting...Find out on TOTAL...DRAMA...ULTIMATE!

THEME SONG begins.

Dear mom and dad I'm doin' fine,

OLIVIA walks out of her mother's car.

You guys are on my mind.

GOOB looks around.

'Ya ask me what I'm wanting to be,

MONAE strangles a bird.

And I think the answer is plain to see.

MEGAN drags MATTHEW around by the hands.

I wanna be famous!

WIL flirts with JENNA.

I wanna live close to the sun,

ED smiles at the camera creepily.

So pack your bags 'cause I've already won.

NINA draws in her sketchbook.

Everythin' to prove, nothin' in my way.

ANTONIO trips over a rock and ELISE laughs.

I'll get there one day.

ELISE is hit by a larger rock in the head.

'Cause I wanna be famous.

KATIE strikes a pose.

Na, na na na na, na na na na na, na na na na na na

CAYLEE and ARLO make out while GABE stares at CAELEY.

I wanna be, I wanna be


I wanna be famous!

ALBERT laughs at SEBASTIAN, then he punches ALBERT back

I wanna be, I wanna be

AMANDA and EVAN talk to each other

I wanna be famous!

ALL CAMPERS scramble to gather on a big rock

*whistling* I wanna be famous!

ROSEMARY and COLE grin at eachother, suddenly, a stone falls between them, camera pans out, revealing all twenty-four campers

The episode opens with Chris standing in an open field within the woods. Whirring can be heard and a helicopter flies down out of the sky and lands in front of Chris, blowing him back slightly. He winces as he sees who is inside the helicopter. Mark hops out, drawing pad in hand. Mark remarks casually.

MARK: Hey.

CHRIS: Ooh...hi Mark, you must've not gotten the memo...we scrapped you.

MARK: W-what?! B-

CHRIS: Yeeah, it turns out we counted wrong and there was one too many a contestant sooo...YOOOU'RE OUT!

CHRIS pushes MARK back into the helicopter, grinning awkwardly and signals to the driver to take off. MARK can be seen knocking on the window and shouting as he is flown away. Chris lets out a sigh of relief.

CHRIS: Thank god he came first.

CHEF: I don't think we're done yet.

Suddenly, TY lazily walks into the camp, alone.

CHRIS: Oh come on!

TY: Got...any..piz-

TY falls asleep on the ground.

CHRIS: Ty? TY? You're not a contestant, you're one of my old interns. Can someone get him out of here?

An INTERN wheels in a catapult and TY is lifted into it. He does notice and is launched into the sky.

CHRIS: I've had it with non-contestants arriving! I will be surprised if even one actual camper arrives.

CHEF: I bet you 50$ that there will be.

CHRIS: You're on!

Just then, a car pulls up to the road. OLIVIA steps out while her mother is dotingly yelling at her.

OLIVIA's MOTHER: Take care. Oh I remember when you watched Total Drama as an eight-year--

OLIVIA: SHUT UP! Anyways, hello, all.

CHEF: Hand it here.

CHRIS: But I need it for my hair cream!

CHEF: Forget your hair cream!

OLIVIA: Well...I'll...just go over here now.

Camera pans to OLIVIA's awkwardly large luggage container, enough to fit a person. Mumbling can be heard.

CHRIS: What's that? ...oh never mind.

A few minutes later, a van arrives. ARLO, CAYLEE, GOOB and COLE step out.

CHRIS: Hey Goob! How's it hangin', Cole?

COLE: Not cool. You are old, Chris.

GOOB: Why am I here?

ARLO: ...just back away slowly. He won't notice.

CHRIS: Well, that was awkward.

A bus approaches, holding many campers. The camera pans to each person on the bus as CHRIS introduces them.

CHRIS: A bus arrives! Look who's in it. Antonio!

ANTONIO: Get me a bagel, Gabe.

GABE: (quitetly) I'm not your slave!

CHRIS: Elise.

ELISE: Is my makeup ok? Is my leg flexible e-

CAMILO: You look fine.

CHRIS: Camilo. Total hottie and boytoy.