Roquincinero is a grizzly bear and one of the few creatures not to be mutated. He was tranquilized and was put to sleep. He was taken away on a helicopter to be prepped for rehabilation. He later showed up in Total Drama: All Stars as a human who looks a lot like Brick and was admitted to Heroic Hamsters. In episode 6, he saw the other teammates talking about him being a nuisance. He festered into revenge and switched to Villainous Vultures, becoming a full-sworn enemy of the Heroic Hamsters.

Total Drama: Revenge of the islandEdit

After Chris was arrested, they encounted a grizzly bear and shot him with tranquilizers. They had no effect, though 49 darts went all up in his face, fur, and body. The bear yawns and falls asleep. As soon as he was snoring, a helicopter comes and takes him away for rehabilation.

Total Drama: All StarsEdit

He appeared as a human who looks like Brick and helped his new team (The Heroic Hamsters) with every challenge. They appeared to be bugged by him due to Roquincinero being a nuisance. One even got eliminated thanks to him. The guys decide to vote of Roquincinero. This backfires due to him switching from his old team to the Villainous Vultures. He vowed to take his ex-team down. He attended in the final two. In the original telethon cartoon, he loses the final battle and was turned back into a bear as punishment for his failure. He was then tranquilized and sent to a correction facility. In the Cartoon Network ending, he won the million dollars and became a human for all eternity.