Total Drama Newbies is a fanon series by Dvale1337. In its canon, it is the seventh season of Total Drama.


In this new season of Total Drama, Joshua, Cole (TDN), Carlton, Carmine, Philip, Devon, Marta, Leanna, Sally, Jasmine, Rolanda and Meredith compete as a new cast. At Bylot Island, the contestants are divided into three teams: Jocks, Preps, and Nerds. They will have to battle for ten million dollars! Eliminated contestants are forced to walk home with an old contestant of their choice until one is standing.

Elimination TableEdit

Contestant Episode
1st Carmine Low Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Low Safe Safe Winner
2nd Joshua Win Win Safe Safe Win Win Safe Low Win Win Low Win Runner-Up
3rd Sally Safe Safe Win Safe Win Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Win 1 Joshua
4th Carlton Safe Out 2-1 Win Low Safe Safe Out 3-1 Carmine
5th Phillip Safe Safe Win Win Safe Low Safe Safe Low Out 3-2 Carmine
6th Rolanda Win Win Low Low Win Win Safe Safe Out 4-2 Joshua
7th Marta Safe Low Safe Safe Win Win Safe Out 3-2-2 Carmine
8th Cole Win Win Safe Win Low 2-1 Lose
9th Leanna Safe Safe Win Win Out 2-2/2-0 Lose
10th Devon Safe Safe Win Out 3-2 Lose
11th Meredith Win Win Out 3-1 Lose
12th Jasmine Out 2-2/2-0 Lose